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We have been in the engine replacement trade for the last 25 years, all our technicians are fully qualified and well versed in all the new engine technologies, especially with the newer common rail diesel engines as found in post 2004 vehicles, our workshop has seen every type of vehicle and we have worked on vehicles of all ages even up to newer 2013 models.

Our workshop technicians have worked on all kinds of late FSI turbo model Audis and VW's and have full experience of what the common problems are with these engines and most other vehicles especially the later 2004 onwards BMW's and Mercedes both petrol and diesel.

With a combined experience well over the 200 years mark, you can rest assured that you are in the right hands, our workshop manager is always on hand to give any advice or if you have any queries regarding your vehicle, all our sales advisors have good working knowledge of engines and the replacement procedure. Please bare in mind that the changing of an engine is not every garages specialty and it is best to get the work done somewhere that only ever do this kind of work, as you can imagine when all you are doing is fitting engines you come across every kind of vehicle and get to know engines very well, this is especially relevant in identifying the original cause of failure which if not corrected can cause the same problem reoccurring and costing you the customer time and money in rectifying. We have the latest diagnostic machines and the knowledge to find the actual cause of the failure, very important in making sure it doesn't happen again.

Every aspect of the work is handled in house so you can have peace of mind that the correct engine will be fitted to your vehicle and all you have to do is collect the vehicle once the work is completed and all relevant testing has been done. Here at Engines Fitted we have made the booking in procedure very simple, all you have to do is call our sales advisors and give them the address where the vehicle is (please make sure all bills are cleared up), we will arrange recovery of the vehicle; our recovery drivers are all fully insured and will bring the vehicle to our warehouse, the engine will be replaced and vehicle tested on the ramp and then road tested, after this the vehicle is put back on the ramp for final testing.

Our workshop manager can advise you on the condition of other parts and we can replace them if you wish as this is normally a good time to replace parts as the engine is out with everything within easy reach, if your clutch has not been changed for a while this would be the best time to have it done as only the cost of the part will be charged to you and labour will be free as we have to swap the clutch from your original engine anyway. We do not carry out any work unless authorised by the customer first and pride ourselves in keeping the price the same as when the vehicle is booked in, no nasty suprises or uneeded work will ever be carried out on your vehicle.

In summation, our aim here is to make a bad situation painless and easy for you the customer. We are the one stop solution to your engine troubles.

Best of luck with your engine search and thank you for visiting engines fitted.

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