Engine Supply & Fitted Services

Engine Fitted supplies and fits engines for all makes and models of vehicles including SUVs, vans, cars and commercial vehicles, either Japanese, German or local UK made. In order to deliver our fitting services, we have a revitalised business theme. Our staff will pick up your vehicle from your home and bring it straight to our state of the art garage where all the fitting is done to the highest quality. We supply and fit all types of replacement; reconditioned and low mileage used engines.

Engine Fitted understands that people have a hectic lifestyle these days, so we have made it easier. We can collect the vehicle from wherever you are; check what kind of engine your vehicle needs and our expert mechanics fit the highest quality engine in your vehicle. Afterwards a free valet as a gift is given to your car, it is thoroughly washed and cleaned up before delivery. Finally the vehicle is delivered back to you or you can pick it up yourselves with all the necessary paper work. Engine Fitted is proud of the work it does; hence we give a warranty which covers any engine fitted by us.

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