Engine Fitted is basically a price comparison website and we are always determined to provide our users the best services to get automobile engine prices from our vast network of auto parts and engine suppliers. These suppliers are associated with Engine Fitted through a membership winning procedure that ensures the supplierĀ“s reliability. Engine Fitted is practicing all these tactics to convert you into a happy and satisfied visitor. We are striving to build a strong relationship with our customers and to achieve this goal we definitely need to know you well through the information you provide.

Upon a visit to Engine Fitted, you may be providing some information about you and your vehicle at two levels.

As a big data handler, Engine Fitted admires your rights to privacy however, it is important that you should know about our data and information handling process.

Our Promise

Engine Fitted are committed about Your Privacy and we assure you that

Engine Fitted do not:
Engine Fitted does:

Engine Fitted has constantly valued your confidentiality and privacy, and we strengthen and support this belief at every level of Engine Fitted business. Your information will be safeguarded as our promise with you, unless the specific Webpage says otherwise. If you feel that you have doubt about any claws and want to ask something about our privacy policy then you are more than welcome, please Contact Us

Levels of Data Collection

Engine Fitted collects data from you on two levels when you visit our site


Information Collected As You Browse Engine Fitted site

When you visit Engine Fitted Website, our web servers collect information about your visit and details of visit. At this level, we do not collect information about your personality i.e personal information. Through Web server logs, we only monitor the statistics to determine our performance to improve services. We monitor:

All the information collected at this stage is solely used to improve user experience and none of this information part is associated with you as an individual.

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