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Used Citroen Berlingo 5FS (EP6C) Engine 1.6 2009-2012 Get Quotes

Cheapest prices for Citroen Berlingo engines replacement

Citroen Berlingo runs on diesel as well as a petrol engine and we are capable enough to remanufacture the best one for you and get it ready. Over here in our company, we work in collaboration with other dealers who are equally motivated to provide the market only the high standard products and nothing less.

So either for the leisure side of this van or the commercial use load carrier our refurbished Citroen engines proves to be best. There is heavy work going to be taken from them and the engines are built by us keeping the purpose in mind always. So in case you need a replacement for the whole unit or are it the parts you seek, we can arrange it for you in the shortest time possible.

Reconditioned & used Citroen Berlingo engines for sale

An emerging year with a summary

Since 1996 Citroen Berlingo is being produced by the Peugeot Citroen alliance. So it is a shared project with resemblances to the Peugeot panel vans. In the panel van form, there can be a passenger van version and a load carrier version. Also, it can be a vehicle used for personal family purpose. The exterior design is just perfect for the aerodynamics making it easy to cut through the air while on the move. There have been two upgrades to it since its launch one major one in 2002 and a minor one in 2004.

Problematic areas for the originals

The leakage and disturbed turbo function are reported to be the most common especially in the diesel engine side. Also engine light seems to star indicating without any strong reason. But when such a thing happens you can right away bring your car to us and will make sure that everything gets back to track as soon as possible. Also if you are facing an engine or the coil failure we are here to provide you with a refreshed engine which can make your worries fly away and give you a vehicle which feels like it is new again.

You can have supply and fitting facility at the same place

Many a time it happens that you find a reliable seller of the reconditioned engine but then finding a skilled person who can fit the engine becomes a problem. But this can also be taken care of by us. Our company supply and at the same time have the professionals who can fit the engine back in your vehicle as if nothing has changed. There will be no other problems and no other disturbing areas which arise in case a lame person is working. You just have to sit and relax and leave the rest to us.

Reconditioned & used Citroen Berlingo engines at cheapest prices

We double-check before finalizing our rates

Another upsetting situation for the drivers of such vehicles is that can they afford the engine replacement or not. This will no longer be a troubling factor for you as we are very careful about finalizing the rate list. Our prices are kept lower as much as the can be and the purchase is made cheaper than the market. Keeping the quality right at all times is what our target is and we strictly follow this line. So do not hesitate and check our rate list, it surely has something for everyone in it to get facilitated with.

Delivering nationally and internationally for years

We are not new in the market and have a reliable image with many customers there to appreciate our work and the circle is ever-growing. Our sales can show how much we are trusted. Not only that we are there to sale in the country, but international customers can also place orders. We are here for them also and delivering then only what has been promised and at the given time is one of our high priorities. Engines for any trim of Berlingo are there and if something unusual has come up then also you can order. Just contact us and your every doubt will vanish.

Our rebuilt engines come with a guarantee

There are not just mere words from us to attract customers or give them false expectations; we deliver what we pledge. And to make things more trustworthy we give a warranty with our engines so that the purchaser know that if some problem arises, later on, he is not alone to deal with them. Our company will make arrangements to rectify the mistake and this will be done in no time without hesitation.

 Citroen Berlingo
Engine For Citroen Berlingo

Get your engine supplied & fitted in 4 easy steps.

Recovery of Your Vehicle
Recovery of Your Vehicle
If you have a vehicle with engine problems and you are looking to buy a replacement engine, we have just the right solution for you; Engine Fitted offers vehicle recovery so you don't have to go through the hassle of searching the right engine for your vehicle. We have top quality reconditioned and low mileage used engines for sale in stock ready to be fitted.
Get the Right Engine
Get the Right Engine
We fit the right engine for your vehicle whether you need a second hand or remanufactured, so you don't have to scour every scrap yard in search of the compatible engine.
Engine Fitted by Our Experts
Engine Fitted by Our Experts
We have a team of engine experts with years of experience in the field of replacement engines, the whole engine fitting process is done in our state of the art; fully equipped garages.
Car Tested & Valeted, Ready for You to Pick Up
Car Tested & Valeted, Ready for You to Pick Up
After the engines are fitted, each vehicle is professionally tested by our experts for any faults and only when they are satisfied with the end results, we mark the job as 'done', oh and there is more, we will also give your vehicle a full valet free of charge, all ready for you to drive away.
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