Model Engine Size Year Range  
Used Ford S-Max AOWA Engine 2.0 2006-2010 Get Quotes
Used Ford S-Max AOWB Engine 2.0 2009-2012 Get Quotes
Used Ford S-Max TBWA Engine 2.0 2008-2010 Get Quotes
Used Ford S-Max TBWB Engine 2.0 2009-2012 Get Quotes
Used Ford S-Max TNBA Engine 2.0 2010-2012 Get Quotes
Used Ford S-Max TNWA Engine 2.0 2010-2012 Get Quotes
Used Ford S-Max TPBA Engine 2.0 2010-2012 Get Quotes
Used Ford S-Max SEWA Engine 2.3 2006-2010 Get Quotes
Used Ford S-Max HUWA Engine 2.5 2006-2010 Get Quotes
Used Ford S-Max HYDA Engine 2.5 2006-2010 Get Quotes

The Largest Stock of Replacement S-Max Engines

For us, your Ford S-Max is not just a car or an SUV. It is a precious belonging to you which you must have bought after careful surveys and hard-earned money spent. We are here to give you relief for your engine replacement.

Our company has dealers in contact who provide some very refined reconditioned engines to the Ford S-Max owners who are looking for a replacement. Ford S-Max is aimed at being sporty yet a spacious choice for the families. We want to make your vehicle the best place to be with a perfect engine ready to kick off at any time.

Reconditioned & used Ford S-Max engines for sale

A short but an impressive history

In 2006 this Ford make was shown into the market. Since its birth, there are qualities of a compact car and a large MPV in it and this was the exact idea it was based on. The first upgrade happened in 2015 and since then the SUV till present is like that. Lesser upgrades mean that it has a popular styling and features inside out and people love it the way it is. Minor things were added in the course of the journey to make S-Max compatible to present needs, otherwise, it is a perfect choice for families who want some adventure with practicality.

Kicking out the annoying engine problems

Our rebuilt engines will not be problem creator and you will not feel bad after purchasing one. Reported problems are of a great engine turning sluggish after some time and turbo creating a problem and need replacement early or electrical faults. If you are also experiencing the same then bring your vehicle to us and we will give you the advice which will be logical to you also. Our reconditioned Ford engines will be affordable and of high quality. Our engineers make sure that the problems present in your previous engine do not bother you anymore and the new engine takes you to a much relaxing journey than before.

Worried about rates, well don't be

Our dealers provide us with a rate list which is according to the demand of our customers. We do not put the extra burden on your pocket and still make sure that you get the very best when you are dealing with us. You can check our rates and choose the one which is fit for your pocket. Our service remains of high quality no matter what the rates are and you will love the performance of our reconditioned engine in your Ford.

Our fitting service is equally good

We supply refurbished engines and we also have a fitting service to make things easier for our buyers to handle. Our skilled workers professionally fit the new engine in your cars leaving no faults behind for you to coop with. Your SUV will leave our service station without the old one or nay a new one. In many cases, the fitters handle the engine fitting carelessly and it gives birth to everlasting issues which end up selling the car. But we have customer satisfaction and increased sales which are proof of what quality work we provide to the ones who come to us for help.

Reconditioned & used Ford S-Max engines at cheapest prices
We provide every engine type

Whether it is a diesel engine or a petrol one, we deal in both of these types. Also, it does not matter the trim level is a popular one or a less sold one. We can also solve problems which are specific to your engine and not already treated from us. So don't be hesitant to come to us and share the engine issue, we will help you in any way we can. Also, our international dealing is another plus point making it possible for you to get our engines in another country.

We give a guarantee for our work

Our company has a set reputation in the market which you can find out by simply asking people who buy from us. Also to make our words more compelling we give warranty of what we deliver. If by any chance there is any mistake left unattended in our work or our engines we are there to correct it no matter if we have to do it all again. Time is what we care for and deliver the customer in a promised time frame. We try our level best to be of help to you and not get you in more trouble or mental fatigue.

Get your engine supplied & fitted in 4 easy steps.

Recovery of Your Vehicle
Recovery of Your Vehicle
If you have a vehicle with engine problems and you are looking to buy a replacement engine, we have just the right solution for you; Engine Fitted offers vehicle recovery so you don't have to go through the hassle of searching the right engine for your vehicle. We have top quality reconditioned and low mileage used engines for sale in stock ready to be fitted.
Get the Right Engine
Get the Right Engine
We fit the right engine for your vehicle whether you need a second hand or remanufactured, so you don't have to scour every scrap yard in search of the compatible engine.
Engine Fitted by Our Experts
Engine Fitted by Our Experts
We have a team of engine experts with years of experience in the field of replacement engines, the whole engine fitting process is done in our state of the art; fully equipped garages.
Car Tested & Valeted, Ready for You to Pick Up
Car Tested & Valeted, Ready for You to Pick Up
After the engines are fitted, each vehicle is professionally tested by our experts for any faults and only when they are satisfied with the end results, we mark the job as 'done', oh and there is more, we will also give your vehicle a full valet free of charge, all ready for you to drive away.
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