Model Engine Size Year Range  
Reconditioned Mini Cooper Diesel N47 C16U1 Engine 1.6 2010-2012 Get Quotes
Used Mini Cooper Diesel N47 C16U1 Engine 1.6 2010-2012 Get Quotes
Used Mini Cooper Diesel W16 D16 Engine 1.6 2007-2010 Get Quotes

Cheapest prices for MINI Cooper Diesel engines replacement

MINI is one of those cars which the bachelors love to own. Its style and road presence are one of the reasons why it is taken as a choice for this age level. There is something unique about MINI which is different and the exterior styling is one of the very strong factors in this regard. But then there is the engine without which the nature f a car cannot be decided whether it be a family version or a sports car.

MINI is taken as the sports car version and the interior and exterior support the engine well. And if your car does not have the healthy engine any longer nothing seems working. In that case, our refurbished MINI engines can help you out and get you out of trouble. We have the most capable dealers working with us and they can provide your MINI with the best-rebuilt engines.

MINI Cooper Diesel a faithful trim

Since the rebirth of Mini in 2000 Cooper Diesel is there in the range and received upgrades with time. But in every Cooper, one thing is common which is the traditional style and trademark for the car.

The engine side has also changed from the predecessors and every new engine introduced has been made according to the environment checks and pocket-friendly also. Diesel is taken to be one of the last choices for a buyer but BMW has surely put the case otherwise.

Reconditioned & used MINI Cooper Diesel engines for sale

We have trouble-free engines for you

Where there is a machine, it is a must that with time there will be a defect in it one way or another. For Mini Cooper Diesel there is the problem of high oil consumption, timing chain tensioners, expensive servicing and turbo fixtures. There may be some other specific ones but these are what we came to know.

Our dealers have the best-remanufactured engines and these are tested vigorously so that there is nothing left to be corrected later on and get the purchaser in trouble due to it. We rebuilt the engines as if these are brand new and devoid of any problems at all.

We have a reliable customer service

The engines supplied are with warranty. You are always welcomed to discuss any problems that may arise afterwards. We make sure to attend our customers the way they should be and are always open to suggestions. Our company never make the customer suffer so that they can enjoy being in their car. Our main goal is to provide only the best and take full responsibility for our engines.

Our long list of customers who are happy with our work and their growth rate makes our efforts paid off. We are pleased that we are of help to them.

We have controlled rates for you

Servicing a MINI is expensive most of the times and replacing parts become even more difficult to afford. But we have good news for you. The rates we present to the purchaser are kept as low as possible. And this trait has kept us always shining in the market. You just have to send us the registration details and we send you back the rates.

Reconditioned & used Mini Cooper Diesel engines at cheapest prices

The cheaper rates are a relief for the replacement need as spending a lot of money just on the engine replacement is always sad news. So no matter which trims level you have we can deal with it and give you back a good as a new car to enjoy.

Leave the fitting service to us

We not only supply the engines there is also the expert team with us who can fit in the engine back in your car and the work is done flawlessly. These are the professional and are masters in their work. You are afraid of having another fault after the fitting is done well don’t be.

We are here to facilitate you and not get you any more trouble. But availing our fitting service our dealers guaranty you that there is a flawless engine fitted by perfectionists.

Do not feel down if you are not from the country

Yes, our service is for those who are in the same country. But we also deal internationally. You can visit us or order online in any way we make sure that only the best engine reaches you.

Do not hesitate to contact us even if your needed engines is not listed we can provide you with a different order also. Our team make sure that the engine we are sending leaves the company checked and secured so that no one makes any alterations.

Get your engine supplied & fitted in 4 easy steps.

Recovery of Your Vehicle
Recovery of Your Vehicle
If you have a vehicle with engine problems and you are looking to buy a replacement engine, we have just the right solution for you; Engine Fitted offers vehicle recovery so you don't have to go through the hassle of searching the right engine for your vehicle. We have top quality reconditioned and low mileage used engines for sale in stock ready to be fitted.
Get the Right Engine
Get the Right Engine
We fit the right engine for your vehicle whether you need a second hand or remanufactured, so you don't have to scour every scrap yard in search of the compatible engine.
Engine Fitted by Our Experts
Engine Fitted by Our Experts
We have a team of engine experts with years of experience in the field of replacement engines, the whole engine fitting process is done in our state of the art; fully equipped garages.
Car Tested & Valeted, Ready for You to Pick Up
Car Tested & Valeted, Ready for You to Pick Up
After the engines are fitted, each vehicle is professionally tested by our experts for any faults and only when they are satisfied with the end results, we mark the job as 'done', oh and there is more, we will also give your vehicle a full valet free of charge, all ready for you to drive away.
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